Style Hack: Use a Scarf as a Belt

Even though I know the life-changing power of a belt, I’m not a huge fan tbh. I just find them uncomfortable, and I don’t love super fitted clothes or things that highlight my shape. But that’s just me, and I do appreciate what a huge difference they can make. 


Studded belts were a thing for awhile and Western belts have been having a moment as of late, but for a more low-key, Parisian-chic statement, I’m all about swapping a printed scarf for a belt. It instantly adds a pop of color and pattern and is an unexpected detail that can totally make a basic outfit look so much more polished and stylish.


Wrap it through your belt loops and knot it in front, or wrap it around your waist to carve out your shape in a billowy dress or top.

So easy, so chic.









Nina Valero

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Nina Valero
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