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Nina Valero exudes elegance and sophistication. Each piece composed in striking design that conveys confidence and power. Influenced and mentored by her seamstress Grandmother, Nina was embedded deeply in a world of fashion from a young age. Professionally Nina’s life moved away from fashion, but personally and emotionally the passion for creation coursed through her veins. Using any excuse to revisit this world, Nina used her spare time to alter, customize and create garments. After receiving recognition and commendation from designers inside the fashion world, Nina began to explore this talent further enrolling in fashion school and starting her own fashion label.


As Nina settled back into the world in which she belonged. Shifting settings from the catwalks of Europe to the warm beaches of Australia. With this change in scenery comes a development in design and thus a new era of designer bags was born. Every individual Nina Valero accessory is designed to steal your attention and commands to be admired.


These bags are designed for fierce and influential women; wallflowers beware. Inspiration born from continental Europe brings with it creative flair and classic appeal that can be absorbed in the European atmosphere. Nina Valero explores the perfect balance between classic elegance and complex practicality that ensures that this brand is rarely rivaled in the title of perfect accessory.





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Nina Valero
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