How to pack your pack bags for travelling

Excited about that trip overseas but have no idea how to pack? Here’s a simple guide on the dos and don’ts when it comes to your luggage bags!



Do your research

It does not matter how fabulous your designer bag looks if you are taking something illegal in the country you are visiting. The last thing any traveller would want is to be stuck with security at the airport. Check with the airlines and what you can’t put into your luggage and also check the laws of that country.


Keep it simple

Packing light is a common dilemma for first time travellers but usually you will learn how to pack light. Luckily, you can also make wise decisions by not packing for just-in-case situations.


Save space as much as possible

While you shouldn’t pack what you don’t need you may still need room to put all your belongings. A great tip is to have versatility with your wardrobe and to roll your clothes instead of folding them.



Enjoy your holiday and have a safe flight!


Nina Valero xx



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