Spring Carnaval


Because as every woman knows, Spring Racing is not about horses. It's about the clothes we get to wear.

Yes, dress codes have broken down at almost every other event, but are refreshingly present at the races.

If the race that stops the nation, so your dress should be a showstopper too.




Pick a hemline that is to the knee or just below. This will give you elegance - something that sadly is missing from race days in recent times.

Short skirts make the races look more like a nightclub, less like a fancy garden party, which is the best thing about it and something we should all want

to preserve.But it's the shoes which draw the most emotion (being the natural loves of our lives), with Gacic admonishing women who take

their heels off at the end of the day. Always carry a pair of foldable ballet flats in your clutch.







Me? I just wait for that first sip of champagne so I can breathe, go to the ladies and finish putting eyeliner on.

Because even at traffic lights, that step is a bit tricky in the backseat of a cab.



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