“Your True Self is all in the Bag!”    


What do you do to relax?
I love to read! Whether a good book or fashion magazines as long as the reading is interesting and I am learning.

Other ways I enjoy relaxing are I love going for a long walks or take drives to explore places I haven’t yet visited with the man
in my life - Antoine, my 7-year old son.

Favourite Food / Meal?
Anything Spicy!!!!. …Thai, Italian, Mexican. …. As long as the food is quality and interesting I always enjoy it.
Good company always makes sure that the meals tastes even better!

Favourite Restaurant?
“Ananas” at The Rocks. They have an amazing ambience with the décor that they have created  and then made certain that all
meals are of the highest of quality and their presentation of food is simply spectacular. And I must mention my special treat – a little
coffee shop Café Mosman – in my opinion, the best brewed coffee in Sydney!



Favourite Holiday Destinations?
Noosa, Thailand and New Zealand. However, I would never say no to a trip to either Italy, Spain or Paris for shopping.

Favourite Artist?

“Poets of the Fall”, a
Finnish Rock Band from Helsinki. Unfortunately, they are not well known in Australia

5 People you’d invite to Dinner?
My daughter-Karina, Sharon Stone, Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel and my mum.

Best thing about your job?
Meeting amazing people that have a positive impact on my life and the direction my life takes.

Anything else you’d like to say?
Don’t be afraid to keep trying to better yourself!


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